About Rae

This is the official webpage for essayist and novelist, Rae Alaine. Rae is a practicing Shaman and novelist. She writes about hope and connections between people (and other life forms). Rae was raised by wolves coyotes, badgers in a small town in central Florida. No, not really. But it certainly seemed like it to her. Her parents taught her to survive in violent, chaotic circumstances, to be tenacious and bold, and, ironically, to think about the suffering of others. She followed her vagabond sister to Texas, to another small town, this time in the panhandle. Rae studied veterinary medicine and film in Texas and began her long career as a library manager.  She began writing fanfiction for the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs when she was about 12 years old and continued writing for many fandoms throughout her many career changes.


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